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Close the loop:
Transforming Trash to Treasure

About CircuLab

The organisation aims

To transform waste into reusable resources
with a circular economy recycling system
for a sustainable tomorrow.

Our Missions

  • To improve the quality of youth education on the circular economy 

  • To empower sustainable youth innovation

  • To fuel a passion for discovery

Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.

Fred Rogers

Our LOOP Framework

To empower youth to make long-lasting changes


Self-learning journey & Interactive session for all ages


New methodology & Research


Competition & Conferences


Interviews & Partnerships

CircuLab provides interactive lessons about the circular economy that is suitable for everyone: learning platform for students and teachers as well as a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs. 

Understand the barriers and challenges that we face in the transition to a circular economy and provide resources and solutions to help overcome them.

Join our CircuLab Challenge and be part of creating a more inclusive future, where technology is a tool for empowerment, not a hindrance to success.

We interview established organisations that are experts in circular economy principles. 

Meet Our Founders

Who We Are

Nicholas Chen

Co-Founder, Executive Director, Project Manager for CircuTale

Nicholas is a youth researcher, academic and athlete from New Zealand with a passion for Chemistry and Biology. He aspires to leverage science to drive innovation and advance sustainability

CircuLab was founded in response to the inadequacy of innovative youth sustainability education, with the aim of providing education and raising awareness about sustainable practices 

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Brian Zhao

Co-Founder, Director, Project Manager for CircuSaver

Brian is a math and CS wiz having received numerous accolades, including bronze medal in the International Mathematics Olympiad, top scholar in NZQA scholarship calculus, and 1st in NZ informatics contest. Brian believes that with science and technology we can make the world a more sustainable place, saving resources and energy. 

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Jasmine Wei

Co-Founder, Director

Jasmine is a youth leader, academic, actress, writer and cross-cultural musician from New Zealand. She wishes to synergise her eclectic interests and establish long-lasting circular and systemic changes in the world.

Alligned with CircuLab's vision, Jasmine is dedicated to equipping youth to become future leaders in areas of climate change and the global waste crisis. Her impactful work has earned her recognition as a LearningPlanet Youth Fellow.

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Words from our co-founder

CircuLab began with a simple idea - circle. 

As a maths student, environmental science did not seem particularly interesting at first to me, but after living through some of the worst climate disasters in the history of my country, I really wanted to do something about the environment. So when I first encountered the concept of circular economy, I was immediately drawn to its circular elegance, having studied circles in geometry all my life.

The more I learned, the more I was amazed by how resources can be given a new life with creativity. I was especially intrigued by the circular economy's applicability to both small habits of life, like building a compost pit at home, and grand systemic changes, like changing an entire country's economy model with closed-loop manufacturing. Truly, it is a tool that would be useful to anyone with any goals.

When I shared my circular obsession with my best friend, Jasmine, who is an avid advocate for innovative learning, CircuLab was born.

Our first project under CircuLab, CircuLearn, allows students all over the world to learn about the quirks of the circular economy through online learning modules, UN expert interviews and live lessons. We hope it can help you become the driven entrepreneur and environmentalist ready to systematically change how we run businesses and manage wastes.

CircuTale was our second big idea. It began when Jasmine and I gathered with Ying, an artist, and Siena, a composer. Our different backgrounds were tied together with a passion for making learning meaningfun. The team developed an award-winning, globally recognised app that teaches kids circular economy concepts through animations and video games.

Our third, and perhaps biggest project yet is CircuSaver. Here, high school advocates work together to improve environmental policies in their schools through resource sharing, competitions and other strategies. The project has so far impacted 30,000 students from 8 countries.

From a simple circle to global impact, this is where CircuLab's story spirals onward.

There are so many environmentally focused non-profits. How is CircuLab different? Why do you think other youth might be interested in joining CircuLab?

“CircuLab is so different from other environmental non-profits because it takes a grass-roots approach, targeting young people in membership as much as possible. This creates a friendly but also innovative atmosphere within the organisation, which is useful in both coming up with solutions and further encouraging more young people to join.” 


“The atmosphere was super important in my initial joining and continued participation in CircuLab. Because of this mood, the non-profit acts as a rewarding opportunity to make friends in the context of working towards a safer, cleaner and more environmentally-friendly future. This is the reason for my willingness to dedicate my time towards the project.”

Bohao Zhang, CircuSaver NZ Chapter Leader

Randall Johns, NY

Supporting Organisations and Partners

Learning Planet Institute
The Learning Planet Institute is an organization that collaborates with educators, policymakers, and communities to develop innovative approaches and resources for learning that foster ecological, social, and economic sustainability, with the ultimate goal of promoting a shift towards a regenerative and equitable world through education.
Systems Change Summit
The Systems Change Summit is a gathering of leaders and changemakers from various sectors aimed at exploring and catalyzing transformative change towards more equitable and sustainable systems.
Learning Planet Festivals
The Learning Planet Festivals System Change Summit is a global event that brings together thought leaders, activists, and practitioners to explore innovative solutions and strategies for transforming education towards a sustainable and regenerative future.
Catalyst 2030
Catalyst 2030 is a global network of social entrepreneurs and innovators working towards achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. The organization aims to facilitate collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and resources to scale up the impact of social ventures and create systemic change.
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