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About CircuSaver

Welcome to CircuSaver, an international student-led initiative focused on reducing the environmental footprint of schools through minimizing printer paper usage. Born from the recognition that schools consume a significant amount of paper, CircuSaver engages students across the globe in a mission to conserve paper, promote sustainability, and enrich the educational experience through hands-on engagement and research.

A typical school uses 320,000 sheets of paper each year


Our primary goals are two-fold:

1. Reduce printer paper usage in schools through the implementation of innovative incentives and programs.
2. Investigate the effectiveness of these incentives and further understand their impact on the school environment.

Incentives and Programs

CircuSaver takes a two-pronged approach towards incentivizing paper conservation:

Information: We disseminate an informative booklet covering the why's and how's of paper conservation and efficient printing practices.
Competition: We encourage friendly competition among students and faculties, rewarding those who make substantial efforts to minimize paper usage. From inter-faculty to inter-class competitions, and creative fundraisers, we infuse fun into conservation.

Get involved

Joining CircuSaver presents an exciting opportunity to develop empirical and leadership skills, and makes a significant addition to your resume. Being part of our organisation not only allows you to lead change in your school but also gives you the chance to connect with students across 9 countries. Despite being a substantial global initiative, we ensure a light and flexible workload, requiring just 2 hours a week, for 5 weeks a year.

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Student Leader

Advocate for paper-saving incentives, implement them, collect survey responses, and invite others to join the movement.



In addition to a Student Leader's duties, Researchers collect data on school-wide printer paper consumption.


Chapter Leader

Oversee progress of members in your chapter, compile reports, and strive to expand the project’s reach.

Timeless Impact

With no stringent timeline, schools and students can join us and make an impact whenever they wish. We believe in creating a legacy of sustainable practices that will transcend time and inspire future generations. Your school can also participate in the research component, enabling us to track and measure the effectiveness of our initiatives.

Join us in making a difference, not just for your school but for the planet. Be a part of CircuSaver, and become the change you wish to see.

The CircuSaver Team

CircuSaver, a groundbreaking initiative by CircuLab, is dedicated to understanding the impact of paper-saving incentives on reducing school printer paper consumption. Through this project, we aim to encourage responsible use of resources, fostering a culture of sustainability among students and shaping them into conscientious leaders of a greener tomorrow.

The CircuTale Team

CircuSaver Members

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